Here are some pictures of the goldfish I bred during my professional career

Hi everyone, this is Bo Zhao.  The pictures shown below are some of my favorite goldfish bred during my 16 years of professional career as a fancy goldfish breeder in China and also another 4 years in the United States.  I ventured into breeding some of the rarest Japanese varieties such as Jikins and Tosakins about 8 years into my career and found them to be particularly challenging yet very rewarding to work on.  I have increased the number of varieties from only a few to over 20 in the 4 years of relauching my career in the United States.  I only sell fish that are bred and produced by me on my farm.  Please visit my ​ Online Goldfish Shop for a currently available selection of my work.  My wife and I are certainly working on acquiring more interesting and rare varieties in the coming years.  We hope to be able to produce wonderful offsprings from the seed fish and in turn offer them to you.